Here is a list of items that will be very helpful to you when you are packing for your big move!

Basic Tool Kit: For furniture disassembly.

Boxes: They can be purchased from your moving company, a packing-supply store, or you can get them from a grocery, liquor, or office-supply store (make sure boxes have lids and are clean and dry). Wardrobe boxes are the best way to move hanging garments. Measure the number of linear feet of hanging clothing to calculate the quantity you’ll need. For the kitchen and dining room, use boxes with pre-assembled partitions to protect glassware. You can purchase boxes specifically designed to accommodate large items, including glass tabletops, mirrors, artwork, mattresses, and lamps. For books, choose small boxes. Those larger than 12 inches square can be difficult to lift when full.

Box Cutters: To quickly open boxes.

Bubble Wrap: For padding the bottoms of boxes, and wrapping breakable items. It’s most economical to buy it in large rolls, and cut sheets as you need them.

Labels: For identifying boxes.

Large Trash Bags

Packing Paper: White tissue paper or blank newsprint (avoid newspaper, which can leave ink stains on your valuables). Keep either on hand (both are available from packing-supply companies) to stuff boxes and wrap fragile items before packing them.

Pens and a Notepad: For making notes and writing direction

Permanent Markers: For labeling boxes.


Small Seal-able Plastic Bags: For keeping small items together, such as screws and brackets for shelving. (Look for the variety with a white stripe for writing labels.)

Stretch Wrap: For securing doors and drawers on bureaus and cabinets. It sticks to itself, leaving no residue behind.

Tape: Standard packing tape, strapping tape, which is lined with nylon fibers that make it impossible to tear or cut without scissors (for reinforcing the bottoms of heavy boxes), and clear plastic mailing tape (for affixing labels and making them waterproof). Have a tape dispenser for every member of the house.